Pool session 20. February

Pool session 20. February

Arrangør: Elvepadling



Welcome all to yet another wonderful pool session!

We will in this session work on our support strokes and the roll

Sign-up links are here:

If you need to rent gear, sign up here:

If you've got your own gear, you can sign up here:

Some practical info:
As the last times you have to sign up, and be a student to get a spot in the pool. We have 10 spots for people needing to rent gear and 6 more if you bring your own equipment (make sure that the gear you bring is clean!). Meet at Domus early enough so that you can get changed, find the gear that fits you and be ready for when the pool session starts at 2045. You will be met by a representative from the club in the reception to check you off the list when you get to Domus. If you've joined previous sessions, you'll have to sign up as a member through our webpage: https://elvepadling.osi.no/register/apply/application

By signing up, you will get a mail if you are among the 10 or 6 lucky people! If you end up on the waiting list, you will get a mail with which position you’re in and a mail once you're in. Note that there is a chance that the mail will be marked as spam. Send us a message here on Facebook or a mail to elvepadling-styret@osi.uio.no if you for some reason can't make it and have signed up.

Hope to see you all on Wednesday! :)


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